Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hip Deep in Hypocrisy

A couple of Hot Air posts on Obama's new administration.

First this-

President Obama’s nominee for the Treasury Department’s top legal job still can receive almost $3 million in pay over the next three years from one of the nation’s largest financial-services companies under a compensation plan approved by government ethics lawyers.

Madison’s case has serious ethical issues. Madison’s deferred compensation comes from an entity which stands to benefit from his presence at Treasury. Their lobbying of Treasury makes that pretty obvious, and Madison as general counsel can certainly influence the decisions made by Treasury regarding pensions, regulation and enforcement in the financial-services industry, and so on. It makes an appearance of special interest and influence, the very kind of appearance that Obama the candidate criticized for two years before winning the presidency.

And then this-

Need a job? Under President Barack Obama, as with presidents before him, it doesn’t hurt to have the right last name.

Obama’s promise of changing Washington hasn’t extended to banishing the age-old practice of giving plum posts to relatives of your top supporters — as he’s done with the relatives of a half-dozen well-connected Democrats.

Anyone with at least a passing familiarity with Chicago or Beltway politics will know that this is the same old nepotism, and anyone who has studied Obama’s rhetoric and actions knows it to be the same old hypocrisy on government reform.

Make sure to read both posts for all the details. The longer his Presidency continues, the deeper and deeper the hypocrisy grows

That enough hope and change for all you Obama supporters out there?

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