Friday, May 22, 2009

New Nazi Zombies

Well, I'm only just starting to get into Verruckt- when the map came out I thought it was crazy hard and didn't play too much. Besides that my online play has dwindled to nothing. Anyway, it's only in the past week that I've dedicated some time to Verruckt and managed to get up into the teen-levels.

It's still crazy hard and I hate that there's no good place to stand where the zombies can't come charging at you from three different directions at once.

Anyway, now that I've gotten that off my chest, here's the news on the next map pack- out some time in June.

The map is called Shi No Numa which is Japanese for Zombie Swamp. Why the change from German nomenclature I don't know- perhaps this one should be called Imperial Japanese Zombies? There will be Perk machines, new achievements/trophies, flaming Hell Hounds and a mysterious weapon called the Wunderwaffe DG-2. There's a great deal of speculation on the gaming boards that this is a Vampir- an StG-44 with night vision device mounted- but I'm not convinced. Why give an existing weapon a new and made-up designation? I'm hoping it's something more along the lines of the Ray Gun.

Not long to the release date now and I can't wait. Nazi Zombies is, without a doubt, an utterly awesome game.

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matchu0070 said...

Acctually night vision was invented in world war 2 by the Germans for the use of night missions and it was used for the soul use of one weapon: Stg-44. I was watching the military channel a while ago and saw this. The possibility of them putting it in the game is slim, but possible and historicaly correct.