Thursday, May 14, 2009

Only In Britain

Sometimes it feels like the editors of The Onion have taken over the running of the UK.

The justice system was branded a farce today after two burglars were allowed to walk free from court - despite being caught in the act on camera.

Serial criminals Matthew Clark, 28, and Stefan Poyster, 21, were pictured breaking the rear window of a semi-detached house with a crow bar.

The 'brilliant' digital photographs, taken by a brave neighbour, clearly showed the pair in action.

Photographed as they broke in before stealing around £1400 worth of goods. Despite this real-time evidence of their crime- and their prior criminal record- a judge let them walk free because new sentencing guidelines:

They told judges to bear in mind an offenders' 'dependency' when considering sentence, and suggested a community order may sometimes be more appropriate.

In other words, if you're a drug addict the message is you can get away with breaking the law to feed your habit.

What Einstein thought that was a good idea?

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