Monday, May 11, 2009

Double Standards and Political Abuses

A post related to the one I did on the absolutely fab work Joanna Lumley has been doing on behalf of the Gurkhas.

One of the excuses put forward by the Immigration Minister is that we can't possibly afford to allow Gurkhas to come to the UK. Funny, then, that they aren't doing everything they can about this-

AN AMNESTY allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the UK would cost a staggering £1million for each newcomer.

For the first time, the “huge, unnecessary burden” of letting up to 950,000 foreign nationals remain is revealed today by campaign group Migrationwatch.

The Labour government seems to have no problem with illegal immigrants staying in the country- people who not only have no ties whatsoever to the nation but have shown no respect for the rule of law here. On the other hand, Labour are all too worried about the cost of a relatively small number of Gurkhas- men who have put their very lives on the line for our nation and who wouldn't dream of breaking the law to enter the country.

It's a sickening double standard.

And then, dear reader, there's this- in a single year MPs milked £93 million in expenses from the taxpayer. There are so many abuses of the system that multiple blog posts would be needed to cover just a sampling of them. Let's just say that they have been using taxpayers' money to pay for everything from chocolate bars, dog food, bags of manure up to velvet rugs, renovations and even for property taxes. It's a shocking abuse of a system put in place to aid MPs who have to keep a house or flat in London while they attend Parliament. In fact, Sinn Fein/IRA MPs- who refuse to take their oath of office or even attend Parliament- are claiming the expenses-

With the party hitting back over allegations that the rental expenses were well above market rates, it was also reported that taxpayers paid for widescreen TVs and surround sound DVD systems for the accommodation.

Sinn Fein's five MPs were granted access to Commons expenses in 2001, despite their abstentionist policy towards the House.

Most controversially, this entitles them to a London living allowance now worth some £24,000 per year each.

In total they have claimed £437,405 since 2001. A sum that also flights to London- even though they refuse to sit in Parliament and thus have no need to travel there at the taxpayers' expense.

But the government claims that the cost of some elderly and infirm Gurkhas cannot come to live out their twilight years in Britain because of the cost? Nevermind the difference those millions of pounds in MP expenses would have made to a health service which denies the ill certain drugs and treatments because they are too expensive.

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