Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Art Banned in American School

What a simply wonderful idea. Because some Muslims consider representational art verboten a school in St. Paul is revamping its art curriculum.

"parents were still upset that their children were drawing figures... and some pulled their children out of art class altogether....

Out the window right away went masks, puppets and that classic of elementary school art class, the self-portrait, said Sara Langworthy, an artist with ArtStart. Revamping the curriculum “definitely requires stepping outside of the normal instincts that you fall back on,” she said.

In their place came nature scenes and geometric forms and patterns, said Carol Sirrine, ArtStart’s executive director."

Update- I've just been thinking some more about this. Consider the possibility that a school adjusted its curriculum to suit Christian beliefs- stopped teaching something or radically altered how they taught it. Wouldn't the ACLU be all over the school clamouring for a separation of church and state or some such? Where are they now?

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