Friday, February 10, 2006

Cops and Politicians Oppose Jail Time

It seems that a number of politicians and senior police officers have decided that the laws punishing those for owning fully automatic weapons without the necessary permits are entirely unreasonable.

They have put their names to a letter saying just that in defence of three police officers who were caught with the illegal fully-automatic weapons in their homes and who are facing ten years in prison. The letter writers are opposed to this stiff sentencing-

"The letter was signed by 10 current police chiefs, two county sheriffs, the two senators and a retired police chief..."We do not see how the citizens are made safer by placing these troopers in jail," the letter states. "Discipline may absolutely be in order; however, to federally prosecute them and with a possible jail term is not the answer."

I'm presuming that these people- you can find just who they are at the link- would ALL provide similar support for non-law enforcement citizens charged with the same crime. Surely they don't hold police officers- who are employed to uphold the law- in different regard to non-police American citizens? Surely there can't be a double standard involved here? How can they discriminate between a cop and a citizen breaking the law? If the punishment is considered too harsh for a police officer, then surely it's too harsh for the rest of the American populace? Right?

Hat tip to War on Guns- please do check out that blog. This double standard for American police officers is far from a rare occurence.

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