Saturday, February 04, 2006

Images From London

Michelle Malkin has a collection of images from the protest by the Religion of Peace. They include-

"Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way"

"As Muslims we unite, we are prepared to fight"

"Europe you will pay, your extermination is on the way"

"Be prepared for the real Holocaust"

So these Muslims are protesting the freedom of speech used to print some cartoons of Mohammed, but it's okay for them to use that same freedom of speech to threaten terrorist attacks against Europe?

At the same time the US State Department has labelled the cartoons "as unacceptable incitement to religious or ethnic hatred."

I wonder what they'll have to say about the protest?

Update- Well, it seems the US State Department's position is not quite so clear cut-

"while we share the offense that Muslims have taken at these images, we at the same time vigorously defend the right of individuals to express points of view. We may — like I said, we may not agree with those points of view, we may condemn those points of view but we respect and emphasize the importance that those individuals have the right to express those points of view."

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