Friday, February 03, 2006

Road Rage Update

John Lott has an analysis of the "road rage gun owners" research I mentioned. It seems that the "science" behind it is even more flawed- remarkably so- than I first imagined.

Among the findings are-

The paper also has some funny results. For example, Liberals are apparently much more likely to engage in road rage than conservatives and the difference is larger than the difference between those who did and did not have a gun at least one time in their car over the last year.

I must have missed New Scientist's call to ban liberals for "injury and violence prevention".

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David Codrea said...

Nicki Fellenzer is reporting Hemenway refuses to release his data to Lott.

I'll be writing a letter to New Propagandist for their total abandonment of the scientific method in favor of a political agenda.