Friday, February 10, 2006


It seems that newspapers and even websites are being shut down, censored or forced to apologise for publishing the Danish Mohammed cartoons. Even a university newspaper which published them has been withdrawn. Freedom of speech is under fire. I will not stand for it- a religion is not above being satirised or criticised. And despite a good look I can find no place in the Koran where is expressly forbids images of Mohammed to be created- and even if it did, why should that affect me? I am not a Muslim, I am not bound by their precepts, just as atheisits are not bound by the beliefs of Christians or whatever faith.

Do we expect non-Christians to NOT engage in pre-marital sex? Do we expect non-Muslims to not drink alcohol? Do we expect non-Buddhists to not take any life at all? Should we allow the teachings of a religion- any religion- to dictate what freedoms we have?

The answer is, and must always be, NO.

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FrauBudgie said...

I'm so angry about this, it's tough to see straight.

We cannot let Islamo meglomaniacal crazies dictate what we can and cannot publish and say.