Sunday, February 19, 2006

"Moderate" Hamas

Via Captain's Quarters-

In a speech at the opening of parliament, Mr Abbas said the new government must recognise past peace deals with Israel and commit itself to pursuing statehood through talks, but he stopped short of setting conditions for forming a cabinet.

He said: "The presidency and the government will continue to respect our commitment to the negotiations as a strategic, pragmatic political choice.["] ...

Mr Abbas's words won applause from Fatah lawmakers but not from Hamas members.

"We were elected on a different political agenda," said Mr Haniyeh as sessions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, joined by video link, broke off for Muslim prayers.

For a long time Hamas has been all too clear about its goals, and somehow some in the West have failed to take them at their word, assuming somehow that Hamas will magically transform into an Israel-loving organisation once in power. I wonder if this will change anything?

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FrauBudgie said...

Yes -- like that woman who'd already had three sons who were suicide bombers -- and promised to send the rest of her kids to be suicide bombers if Hamas wanted her to. She won her district.

Hamas' win should be a wake up call, a splash of cold water to the rest of the world.