Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coffee War!

The War on Drugs has gone a step too far.

Is the War on Drugs taking aim at that morning cup of java? As crazy as it might sound, some activists would hope so - and they have enlisted the help of various mayors to support their cause.

Dennis R. Yates, the mayor of Chino, California who recently signed the proclamation declaring March 2006 as National Caffeine Awareness Month. This will be the second year for Chino in hosting the event. The proclamation states that "physical and mental health care are immeasurably important to the overall well-being of the citizen.”

According to Yates, "caffeine consumption can pose a significant hazard to health and longevity," as consumption of the dangerous drug is "linked to heart disease, pancreas and bladder cancer, hypoglycemia, and central nervous system disorders."

Of course they fail to mention the fact that-

The University of Kansas says that "caffeine narrows blood vessels in the brain and stimulates the cerebral cortex, the brain's outer sheath. This helps you think more rapidly and clearly. Elsewhere in the body, blood vessels expand. Coordination improves."

Ah, coffee!

There are quite a few mayors outside of noted loony bin California who actually are in support of these crackpot measures. They're obviously in desperate need of a few cups of coffee to improve their brain function.

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