Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Heartwarming Story

Now this is the sort of news I like to hear about-

Two guys picked the wrong 15-year-old girl to try to rob Monday night.

The teenager was walking on a Dartmouth street when the men tried to yank her knapsack off her back -- and police said that's when it all went wrong for the suspects.

The girl is skilled in martial arts. Police said she knocked one of her attackers to the ground with a hard punch to the face, and then kicked the other in the groin and punched him.

Police said the men fled.

The girl told police she may have dislocated the second man's shoulder or elbow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good thing it didn't happen in the lower 26.

The girl would have been done for assault and sentenced to 5 years in Mountjoy!

Defending one's property is not an excuse.

Why: The Catholic ethos: "Sanctity of life" takes presidence!

Here you're suppose to had over your possessions and cheerfully wish the "misunderstood" lad(s) a GOOD DAY!