Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cartoon Rage

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch captures the essence of the Muslim offence at the Mohammed cartoons-

"If they really were, they would have been protesting just as violently in Egypt when the cartoons were printed there in October as they have been elsewhere more recently. If they really were, they would be calling for the executions of the Danish Muslims who added into a dossier circulated in the Muslim world three cartoons much more inflammatory than the 12 that were actually printed in the Danish newspaper. No, cartoon rage isn't really about offensive cartoons at all. It is an attempt to cow Western nations into adopting Islamic blasphemy laws, forbidding non-Muslims to insult the Prophet -- and making them take the first large step toward accepting other Sharia provisions, just as the jihadists are also fighting in their way to compel them to do."

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