Thursday, February 02, 2006

IRA Still Up To No Good

Some time ago we were informed that the IRA has disposed of "all" of their weapons. It was supposed to be a giant leap forward in the so-called peace process here in Northern Ireland.

Of course the fact that the IRA is still actively gathering intelligence, is involved in organised crime and has held onto to some of its weapons comes as no surprise to some of us.

The Independent Monitoring Commission, which reported on the IRA intelligence operation, still believes that the IRA are "moving in the right direction".

They said that the IRA were attempting to penetrate public and other instituitions with the intent of "illegally obtaining and handling sensitive information". They also said that arms had been retained by the IRA. That's moving in the right direction?

The Minister for Northern Ireland called the report "positive"and said that there was enough evidence of progress that talks should be resumed. Obviously terrorists lying about destroying their weapons is evidence of their goodwill towards the democratic process?

Tony "tough on terror" Blair's response was that the report was evidence that the IRA leadership had "made a strategic decision to give up the armed struggle."

Of course they have! Why else would they need to keep their firearms and operate a spying operation?

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