Monday, February 18, 2008

The 2 Bore

A long time ago I linked to a terrific post by ACE on the 4-bore. Well, today The Firearm Blog has gone one up on him and produced an article, complete with pictures, of the colossal 2-bore. Yep, someone still manufactures ammo for it- but I'm not sure if any guns are still made in that calibre.

A quick search online turned up this picture of a 2-bore firearm, on sale from this British firm. Definitely one for the porters to carry on safari.


ken greenlee said...

There are several 2 bore black powder guns that have been made in the last couple of years. Steve Zihn from Colorado made one for me 3 years ago. It shoots a 3500 grain ball and has a 36" octagon barrel. More recently, Colin Stolzer from Kansas has made 2 black powder 2 bore guns and an under lever 2 bore cartridge gun. It has a 28" barrel and weighs about 24 lbs. He is going to make a 2 bore double rifle this coming summer and it will weigh about 30 lbs. His 2 bore cartridge guns have 3 recoil reducers in them to help tame the recoil. The cartridges can hold up to 700 grains of black powder.

ken greenlee said...

Jay Schroder developed the metalic cartridge for this gun. There is an article on this gun in the May 2011 issue of guns and ammo magazine if anyone is interested.