Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making It Worse

Wow- proof positive that environmentalist alarmism and science don't mix.

Biofuels are making climate change worse, not better, according to two new studies which found that total greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels are far higher than those from burning gasoline because biofuel production is pushing up food prices and resulting in deforestation and loss of grasslands.

Emissions from ethanol are 93 percent higher than gasoline,” said David Tilman, an ecologist at the University of Minnesota and co-author of one of the papers published Thursday in the journal Science.

“The bottom line is that using good farmland for biofuels increases greenhouse emissions,” he said.

Solving one problem with another that's even worse- so how come none of these supposed climate experts saw this coming? I was under the impression that they were supposed to know everything about the Earth's complex systems. Does this mean that the sages aren't infallible?

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