Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Police Procedure

Here are the details-

Armed police held an innocent mechanic at gunpoint when they mistook his MP3 player for a pistol.

The armed officers swooped on Mr Nixon when a woman thought she saw him carrying a handgun and called the police.

Police caught their suspect on CCTV and apparently began to follow him- permitting him to board a bus. Then then followed the public vehicle and waited until he was off and walking to his house before acting; so it's a good thing he wasn't a terrorist with plans to, say, kill people on a bus. Begs the question- just what would they have done if he had been armed and had drawn the weapon on the bus and used it? I suspect falling back and establishing a safe perimeter rather than rushing in and trying to act.

Anyway, when the police nabbed him and searched him they obviously found no weapon- so they took him to the station, put him in a cell, swabbed him for DNA, took his photo and his fingerprints. Nothing like, say, keeping him in an interview room while they tried to establish whether or not he was an innocent man. Is it procedure now to presume guilt before any evidence is found and to use all those resources even if no crime has been committed?

I wonder if his details- DNA, fingerprints and mugshot- will now be kept on file or destroyed immediately?

"No weapon was found on him at the time but he was taken into custody on suspicion while the surrounding area where he had been was searched.

"These searches proved negative, so the man was released and taken home, as no further action was required."

And all he got for his trouble was a "sorry for the inconvenience."

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