Monday, February 04, 2008

Honour Killings UK

Turning a blind eye.

Teachers, police and councils are afraid to take action against so-called honour crimes for fear of being accused of racism, it is claimed.

Women are also being betrayed by community figures who believe those who break traditional taboos deserve to be punished, the report found.

The report says women have been attacked for forming "inappropriate" relationships, wanting to go to university or listening to Western music.

The majority of the crimes are being committed by third and forth generation immigrants

It also says there is evidence that Asian policemen and councillors try to block the activities of women's groups.

"The Government is still not taking honour crime seriously," said James Brandon, one of the report's authors.

But of course they aren't- multiculturalism trumps the lives of a few women.

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Anonymous said...

You make a very valid point, the U.K is just about finished.

It was good while it lasted, the 30's possibly represent the peak of British civilization, following the second war, we went soft.

Great site Mac.
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