Thursday, February 14, 2008


Neil Marshall, of Dog Soldiers and Descent fame, has a new movie coming out called Doomsday. The story goes that a deadly virus outbreak occurs in Scotland and, to save the rest of the UK, the whole country is simply sealed off. Fast forward a few years and another outbreak occurs in London- so a team is sent into the sealed off Scotland to search for survivors and possible cure.

Now, I liked the sound of this- post-apocalyptic scenarios appeal to me- but then I watched the trailer and the interest factor has fallen somewhat. I was expecting a kind of zombie-style setting for some reason but instead of that it looks like we're going to get Mad Max with a Scottish accent. Complete with bizarro bad-fashions straight out of an '80s rock video.

Can someone tell me why Hollywood thinks that savages grubbing around for survival will be concerned about outlandish hairstyles?

Anyway, the only reason I'll still go and see it is because Marshall's involved- both of his previous films are, in my opinion, classics. He's definitely a highly talented film-maker and, despite the look of the trailer, his just might be able to make the Mad Max stuff work. This image comes from Latino Review's page.

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