Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hot Air has video of Charles Barkley attacking Republicans for being "fake Christians". He claims that, as Christians, they aren't supposed to judge other people and because they aren't in favour of gay marriage and aren't pro-choice they are judgemental. He counsels that Republican Christians should read the part of the Bible where it says they should not judge people. Doesn't seem to occur to him that the Bible also teaches that homosexuality is a sin and that life is sacrosanct.

"Every time I hear the word conservative it makes me sick to my stomach."

What a bigot. He also said this-

"The word 'conservative' means 'discriminatory,' practically. It's a form of political discrimination."

He's planning on running for Governor- nothing like alienating half of the people you plan on representing. Whoever stands against this piece of work come 2014 had better broadcast that statement in every ad they run. And it probably wouldn't harm them to add this in too-

"The Republicans are full of it," Barkley said, "The Democrats are a little less full of it."

So he's insulted Republican and Democrats alike- good way to win friends and influence people in American politics, eh?

End note- despite the sickening feeling that conservatives cause him he still has "great respect" for John McCain.

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