Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blair's Reward

It apparently doesn't occur to Tony Blair that the people he's trying to help don't have any respect or gratitude for those funnelling millions of pounds in aid towards them.

Tony Blair was forced to pull out of a visit to Gaza today in the face of what a spokesman described as a "specific security threat".

The former prime minister had been due to make his first trip to the Hamas-controlled area as the representative of the Middle East "Quartet" - the US, UN, EU and Russia.

And it's virtually assured that this credible threat to his safety will not make him re-think the Quartet's absurd policy of appeasing terrorism. If this is how they treat people holding out the hand of friendship and help, how do they think they can change the way Hamas and their murderous ilk think of Israel?

Mr Blair, whose role is focused on securing the area's economic future, was due to meet with traders and tour a waste water project funded by international investment.

All that good will certainly hasn't been wasted, has it?

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tjbbpgob said...

Some of these S.O.B.'s need to get their head handed to them, literally. Then they would maybe get off their duffs and finish the job, as much as a war against an idea can be finished anyway. Same as a war against a substance that several years ago we were giving the taliban money because they were trying to eradicat.