Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

Here's one for your environmentally-friendly friends-

Drilling makes up about 1% of the petroleum in American coastal waters.

Natural seepage accounts for a staggering 63%.


Hibbo said...

And you point is what, you utter cretin?

Shall we all open all our windows and crank the heating up, before burning some tyres in the garden?

Hibbo said...

Sorry for the typo in the previous comment.

Jay.Mac said...

The point is that drilling actually reduces natural seepage, thus reducing coastal pollution.

Besides, oil is a necessary part of the modern world- not just for fuel but plastics and such.

So drilling off the US will not only lower spiralling costs of fuel for vehicles and heating but also reduce food costs and so on. It will also serve to reduce the vast amount of US wealth being sent to the Middle East.

It will be years before alternatives for gasoline are viable- but there are numerous other functions that oil serves. None of them are anywhere near to being replaced by alternatives.

That would be my point.