Monday, July 28, 2008

Dereliction of Duty

The professionalism of the British police knows no bounds.

Salman Rushdie was once locked in a cupboard for two hours by fed-up police guards who then disappeared to the pub, an ex-special branch detective has claimed.

Former Metropolitan police officer Ron Evans revealed they only released Rushdie from under the safehouse stairs when they returned from a local pub ‘suitably refreshed’.

These were armed police, a supposed elite within the British police force. Luckily for Rushdie he was not being observed by would-be assassins when the police left him alone, abandoning their post in favour of going drinking.

Recounting one particular night spent in the safehouse with two colleagues, he said: ‘One evening, after we had polished off a couple of bottles of red wine, we went looking for more.

Evidently, they didn't see a problem being drunk and armed- with the responsibility of protecting Salman Rushdie from an assassination attempt.

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