Friday, July 25, 2008

Not Supporting The Troops

I'm hoping for a reduction of Obama posts over the next day or two. Given the importance of the position he hopes to attain though, I think it's important to cast light on his character- especially since the MSM is steadfastly refusing to vet him in public the way they would a Republican candidate.

I already pointed out that Obama cancelled a planned visit to military hospital facilities in Germany, where he would have seen troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. At first it seemed that he had cancelled because of time limitations but then a member of the media let it slip that Obama told them that he had some "down time" and wanted to go sightseeing.

Hot Air has a follow up post and it appears that Obama cancelled simply because he couldn't use the visit as a campaign prop- the press weren't permitted to accompany him. With no personal benefits to his lust for power, he ditched the visit.

And he wants to be Commander in Chief?

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