Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Iraq Battles Al Qaeda

I've already written about Obama's schizophrenic view on Iraq- fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq is a distraction from the real war on terror, which is fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. He thinks the surge- which helped reduce US casualties- is a mistake because it hasn't helped get the US out of Iraq. Even though actually defeating terrorists (including Al Qaeda) in Iraq and enabling the Iraq government to take control is a sure step towards withdrawing. I guess Obama doesn't care about little things like victory.

As I pointed out, Obama wants the military to go fight Al Qaeda- while at the same time admitting that the US is already fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq. He doesn't seem to see the conflict between stating that Al Qaeda in Afghanistan are a long term threat to the safety of the USA and that Al Qaeda in Iraq pose no long term threat to the USA.

Iraq was today massing 30,000 troops in advance of an assault on one of al-Qaeda's surviving strongholds that will be a litmus test of the country's growing security forces.

Obama claims he opposed and still opposes the surge because a continued US presence in Iraq won't help the Iraqi government and forces to step up to the plate. He says this at a time when the surge has enabled an operation like this one to be carried out-

Officials said a major clearing operation of the troubled central province of Diyala would be launched on Aug 1, spearheaded by Iraqi army and police personnel and backed by 10,000 American troops.

Has he not learned on his visit to Iraq that not only are the Iraqi security forces doing much better post-surge but that Al Qaeda has been driven to the brink of annihilation? You wouldn't think so because his positions before the visit and now appear not to differ at all. According to Obama the surge hasn't helped to defeat terrorists in Iraq, provide security for the Iraqi government to stabilise and leave the state more secure so that US forces are no longer required there in such huge numbers.

I wonder what the odds are of the MSM actually asking Obama why America should fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, but he believes they shouldn't fight them in Iraq?

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