Saturday, July 12, 2008

The State We're In

In the past week there seems to have been a constant barrage of tales such as these-

A businessman was stunned when he detained a yob for smashing a shop window only to be charged by police with assault.

After he was punched in the face by the burglar who was let off with a caution- while he is facing assault and battery charges.

A man has been stabbed to death in an apparent road rage attack during a bloody 17 hours on London's streets in which four other men were killed in violent stabbings...The four killed in separate incidents yesterday included the 20th teenager to die violently in the capital this year.

And the Prime Minister has apparently not learned from the useless gun control legislation which did nothing but increase gun crime-

'We will continue to make absolutely clear that carrying a knife is unacceptable in our society.'

Interesting emphasis. He apparently is unconcerned with making it clear that murder is unacceptable- nope, he thinks the blame lies in these common, easily obtainable, inanimate objects and not with the violent, predatory thugs who use them.

The daughter of a Second World War RAF pilot who reprimanded a teenager who she accused of vandalising a war memorial has been convicted of assault.

You need to read all of this one yourselves to believe it. The vandalism at the memorial has been going on for eight years. Her lawyer had this to say-

'The authorities have been inundated with complaints from local residents and it is perverse and ironic that the only person arrested, charged and convicted is the one person who has tended the memorial over this period."

And then there's this-

A pensioner who used a piece of wood to chase away a gang of teenagers who had been throwing stones at his home is facing a jail term after being arrested and charged with possessing an offensive weapon.

His home was under attack for two hours- during which time the police failed to show up. Other houses in the area have also been attacked like this too.

Mr Davis, a retired builder, was astonished when police arrested him while allowing the gang to run to safety.

I guess a law-abiding citizen standing outside his own home is a much easier arrest than having to run after actual criminals.

"This is Britain gone mad. Just what in the world is this country coming to when the police arrest people like me for protecting their own property?"

And that, dear, friends, is the state of Britain today.

Labour haven't done a thing about the worsening situation during all their years in power and neither will the Conservatives if they ever get elected, not with their "hug a hoodie" philosophy. The police and courts are clearly stacked in favour of the criminals and not their victims. In addition, the populace as a whole has not only been disarmed but the whole concept of self-defence has been criminalised.

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