Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obama's Private Army

I've only caught this on a couple of blogs this past week so far- and the mainstream media seems completely uninterested in it. Can you imagine the uproar about the same plan if, for example, George Bush had announced it?

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

A civilian "security force" that's as powerful and as strong as the US military? Does Obama think that the continental US is about to be invaded? Has he been watching Red Dawn over and over on the tour bus? Somehow, I don't think so.

Is anyone else alarmed by the idea of such a force being created? In a less fawning environment, the MSM would have asked OBama why exactly such a massive new group like this was required- and exactly why they needed to be as well-armed as the US Army. But no, in this election cycle the media is even more in the tank for the Democrat candidate and they seem to be completely unwilling to ask even the most obvious of questions- in fact, I'd be surprised if even half of American voters were aware that Barack wants to establish a brand new security force- especially one so well-funded and well armed. In fact, do even Obama supporters know about this? When Barack speaks about mandatory volunteering is this what he had in mind? Because I can't see why so many people who aren't currently signing up to serve in the military would suddenly decide to join this new group.

Why does the US need an additional one and a half million people in a paramilitary force? Who will these people be? What role will they serve? How will they be trained and, perhaps more importantly, deployed? What powers will they have? Why do they need to be so well armed? What threats specificially does Obama see them facing that their budget needs to be the same as the US military ($110 billion for the Army alone or a total of nearly $500 billion for all the military combined)? What job will they do that the National Guard cannot? Who will they answer to? Where in the Constitution does it say that Obama can create such a force?

The media is silent on all of these points. You would think, at the very least, that adding an additional $500 billion to the budget would pique some journalists' interest.

As Larry Correia says, "the very first thing that popped into my head when he said that was the Brownshirts."

Update- link changed from Chicago Tribune to WND for source of Obama quote. Now with video too-


Anonymous said...

A private army... Hey iv heard of that before.. OH RIGHT HITLER

Anonymous said...

If this ever got off the ground, I would hope it is staffed with draftees. Who would you rather try to bribe, hide from or fight? The professional Blackwater types or the kid ripped from his home and would rather be back with little Susie then patrolling the streets of your town. I will take the kid who might not be as gung ho.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's the American version of the Soviet NKVD:

Won't that be fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, of course... how else would he be able to go door to door rounding up our guns?!

Anonymous said...

I know this is only a blog, but can anyone site some sources?

Jay.Mac said...

I hadn't realised that the Chicago Tribune had removed what would have been, in any other election, one of most controversial statements of a Presidential nominee.

Here's a new source-

Anonymous said...

so what hes trying to create is a gostapo like secret millitary
i realy do think obahma is the anti-crist and hes going to lead us into a war with Iran and isreal

Tift said...

It seems to me that he is trying to satisfy the 2nd amendment with this "militia". This will allow him to remove the right for individual ownership of firearms by US citizens (or so he thinks). He is very anti-gun.

Anonymous said...

Uh... i don't get the hype, lots of countries have civilian security forces including war-mongering Sweden. And if its a civilian force it can't be private unless it is run through a private firm like Black-Water. I have a feeling he is talking about a type of mandatory service to the country that many nations have for young adults. The idea behind a lot of Scandanavian countries all civilian militaries is that every-one contributes and every-one has a stake in their nation going to war. Thats the opposite of a private army which has no loyalty to the country.

Anonymous said...

Great use of a comparison with the Scandanavian nations. They are all overwhelmingly run by socialist governments...Seems to be the road we are heading down. Who else was a rabid socialist with his own "security force"???

Anonymous said...

If you want to know the answer why this private army is being formed watch this video.

Anonymous said...

It becomes important for Cryptic to identify and otherwise authenticate the "civilian national security force" quote in the 7/12/08 article. The You-Tube
video linked in the article has been withdrawn due to some sort of "mis-use". I think the words, if accurately recorded, may be critical in the days, months to come.

Bandini Bob

Anonymous said...

Good to know that stuff can still be taken out of context easily. LORD knows he isn't talking about taking some of the Nat. Guards duties away from the Army. He MUST actually be the result of the Anti-Christ resurecting Hitler.


Anonymous said...

Did someone say, "SS?"

Anonymous said...

you guys know about all these things?:

The Obama Deception (putting a black face on the government to silence the masses and work towards taking over Africa)

9-11 Truth Movement (9/11 was a fake designed to bring the American people together and place their trust in the government)

New World Organization
Bilderburg Group
Trilateral Commission
-Groups of people around the world who decide the fate OF the world

JFK Assassination (JFK was assassinated because he was, in essence, nullifying the Federal Reserve [which isn't even Federal, they are a private bank which has no jurisdiction whatsoever])

Thomas Jefferson
-"Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Bank of the World

Federal Reserve ("lost" 17 billion dollars)

We must change our government now before it becomes too late.

Watch The Obama Deception and listen to Alex Jones the radio host and liberate your mind before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

also try this website for more videos

Anonymous said...

For all of you screaming about Hitler and the SS, . . they were right-wing hard-liners, conservatives, extremists who took over a government, allied itself with the banks and War Machine industrialists, took away civil liberties after a suspicious National Emergency, and committed naked aggression against a sovereign nation that had done nothing, just for its oil reserves, using the massive shock of aerial attack (blitzkreig/Shock and Awe).

Sound familiar?

Jay.Mac said...

Actually the Nazis weren't right wing conservatives, they were left wing. The clue is in the name- the National Socialist German Workers Party.

And do you really want to bring up government taking over banks or industry in light of what Obama's done with the bail-out? Really?

For the record, I'm not comparing Obama with Hitler or the Nazis. That belittles the true evil they committed.

And for the record, what's Obama and the Democrat majority in Congress and the Senate done to reverse those civil liberty grabs you mentioned? Nothing. In fact, they've continued the policies of Bush almost entirely, all the while concentrating more and more power in the White House, away from Congressional oversight.

If you aren't worried about that then it makes all your worrying about Bush simple partisan posturing and not a principled stand.

Take either the White House's power grab over the Census, or their firing of an IG investigating an Obama supporter, or the appointment of so many Czars who report to the President and have never been vetted or approved by Congress or, hey, trying to ram through legislation which representatives haven't even read because of a national emergency- have you raised your voice against any of this?

If not, why not?

One last thing to consider- every time Obama does it, it means that the next Republican president can do it too- because the precedent has been set.

Janet said...

This is reminiscent of what dictators around the world have dome in the past and present. I am very alarmed by this and touched on it some in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you say! They might Just come after you! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

You all have to be joking. The language in the bill establishes a reserve component to the USPHS. Doctors, nurses, officers. It is bound by the same rules as other reserve components and is being hailed by military advocacy groups as an excellent solution to the problem of having active duty USPHS members deployed during war. They've been pushing it since Obama was in the Illinois senate. This was a part of the bill that was influenced heavily by the military community and that didn't come from Obama's office.

Please ignore this injection of sanity and continue to equate the Commander in Chief with the worst mass murderer in history.

Anonymous said...

get your facts staight: