Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emerging Threat

I caught this news the other day but didn't blog it.

Russian bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons could be deployed to Cuba in response to U.S. plans to install a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, a Russian newspaper reported Monday, citing an unnamed senior Russian air force official.

Of course, my first thought was- can you imagine Barack Obama dealing with another Cuban missile crisis? And second- does Putin not realise that the Cold War is over? Anyway, today another news item caught my attention. Put them together and it doesn't look too good.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday that he hopes military ties between the countries will strengthen.

On arriving in Moscow, Chavez called for Russia and Venezuela to become strategic partners in oil and defense, something he said would "guarantee Venezuela's sovereignty, which is currently being threatened by the United States."

Recently British intelligence placed Russia as their number three threat to national security after Al Qaeda and a nuclear Iran. The top three Russian spy agencies (presumably the FSB, GRU and SVR) have apparently ramped up intelligence operations in the UK and, in addition, Russia seems to be experiencing a renaissance in military muscle flexing.

Whoever the next President is, he may have more on his plate to deal with than just jihadist terrorism and a nearly nuclear Iran.


Ali G said...

"does Putin not realise that the Cold War is over?"

I guess we could ask that same question about he US administration. do they realise that the cold war is over? apparently not as indicates the US intention to build a missile shield along the Russian western border. Why should the Russian stand still?

E.Lindberg said...

Ali G; I agree with you on that the US are the ones raising the threat level in eastern Europe. It's also amusing/terrifying to hear the US accuse Iran of being belligerant and talking shit. Who's the one strutting around globaly with "revolvers" cocked and ready?

Jay.Mac said...

"American and Czech officials said the system’s radar component, to be stationed south of Prague, would defend the NATO members in Europe and the United States against long-range weapons from the Middle East, particularly Iran."

Iran's missiles are capable of reaching into the heart of Europe- not only does its nuclear program continue unabated but there are rumours of biological weapon research. And you expect the US to sit on its hands and not deploy a purely defensive system?

America has shown no interest whatsoever in challenging Russia- in fact, if Putin were acting rationally and not as if he could launch another Cold War, he would be supporting US attempts to battle jihadists around the globe; Russia has its own problem with Islamist terrorism. And a biological or nuclear Iranian strike on Europe would have a much more profound effect on Russia than it would on Washington.

Interesting, Lindberg, that you accuse America of walking around "cocked" when it's Iran threatening another Holocaust by wiping Israel off the map.