Friday, April 15, 2005

California Moonbats At Work

In a sign that IQs and common sense have fled California, the city's police commissioner has given the chief of police clearance to do away with the standard police issue foot-long, 2lb flashlight- a Maglite I presume- because *gasp* they might be used to defend the policemen's lives.

It seems that one cop beat one suspected car thief with a flashlight and in a shining example of moonbattery all cops are now going to be issued lightweight, totally harmless flashlights. The Chief, Bratton, claims that taking away the issue sturdy flashlight is in the best interest of the department and the city. I can't quite see how taking away a torch from police officers who routinely carry sidearms, shotguns and batons is in the best interest of either the cops or the citizens whom it is their duty to serve and protect. I'm sure that a lot of officers would carry a torch while on duty knowing that they do not have to draw their weapon or baton, because if they are surprised the heavy flashlight can be used as a makeshift weapon to defend themselves. Perhaps if they have the plastic 7-inch model instead (insert rude joke of choice here), they will be more inclined to have their pistol drawn.

Surely it should be the job of the chief of police to ensure that the men and women serving under him have the absolute best equipment available to deal with any emergency- perhaps in California though, the job description has been altered to make life as pleasant as possible for criminals?

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