Sunday, April 10, 2005

Shooting in Rafah

This morning I read this piece on LGF- comparing the contrasting versions of a shooting incident in Israel. According to the Palestinians, three teenagers innocently playing football were shot by the Israeli Army. According to the Israelis, the teens weren't playing football at all and prior to their run at them, all three were crawling in the dirt in a closed military zone. I know which version of events I tend towards.

Well, not so long ago I came across this on CNN. The bias is fairly evident- if you know the background of the story. The first paragraph mentions that the teenagers were playing football and despite the sub-heading on 'conflicting reports', the article doesn't do very much of anything to portray the Israeli version of events. It does mention that warning shots were fired but that's it- the article still gives the impression that these were innocent kids playing football.

Whatever happened to fair and unbiased reporting of the facts?

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