Thursday, April 21, 2005

Essential Read

Found at both LGF and Jihad Watch is this article by Laura Mansfield. It details her attendance at an Arabic language meeting at a mosque- though the Muslims present assumed she could not speak the language. Amongst the matters discussed were obstructing searches at an airport (proving in one simple step how Mineta's ridiculous aversion to profiling is a danger to the security of the citizens of the US), spooking passengers on an airline and praising terrorists fighting in Iraq. All this happened in a small town mosque in the United States. It makes for very unsettling reading.

This sort of fifth column activity certainly wouldn't have been tolerated during World War 2- and the War on Terror is no less important a fight for freedom. Given our current craze for political correctness though, I cannot possibly see how this sort of treasonous behaviour can be successfully combated.

Religion of Peace my ass.

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