Friday, April 08, 2005

Cost of Driving

Way back in October I posted about the price of diesel here in the UK and in the States. The prices don't seem to have changed much. In the States there's talk of fuel rising in the summer to $2.35 per gallon. Rising to $2.35. Right now people in the UK are paying around $6 per gallon and though we moan and bitch about the price the government happily increases the tax on fuel every budget, usually citing "green" concerns. This is obviously a lot of crap because the cost doesn't stop anyone from driving and all they're really interested in is getting more cash flowing to the Treasury. It won't matter if Blair gets back into power in May, or if the Conservatives do, for both parties see fuel as a big earner and they won't want to kiss their cash-cow goodbye. Either way, the driver loses. It'd be interesting to see how the Conservatives would do if they made reducing the tax on fuel a prime part of their campaign.

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