Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Cost of Living

After checking out a "where's the best place to live in the US" thread on The High Road I feel thoroughly sick. If you live in the States you have no idea how lucky you are (although I suspect you do- well, hang on a moment, you'll feel even better about it in a second). I posted the other day about the price of fuel- $6 here, compared to $2 there- and now I'm looking at the price of housing. Damn, I shouldn't have done that.

If you want to see what the property is like in my neck of the woods go and have a look here. I've picked a couple of places to show you the range of what homes cost in the village I live in. The first is worth £68,500 (almost $130,000) and the second is £275,000 (just under $520,000). The first house is a former terraced council house; that is, it was built and then rented out by the government at low cost . Usually after living in one of these homes for a number of years the residents have the option to buy, at a much lower price than a normal home of the same size and type. Buying it and then selling it on is a great way to move up the property ladder- and houses at that price in this area are few and far between. The lowest priced detached house on that website for instance is more than £130,000- that's over $250,000.

Now, according to THR, I could even get 20-30 acres with a home in OK for about $150,000. I've had a quick browse around for prices in Texas and Oklahoma and....a home for $40,000? You won't find anything like that over here for that price. Unbelievable.

BTW, here's an interesting little survey to find out which area best suits you- Find Your Spot. Seems like I should be living in Alaska or Montana.

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