Monday, April 18, 2005

More Nazi/Islamist Ties

I posted a while back on a hopeful Nazi wanting to join forces with Al Qaeda. According to Jihad Watch, an Islamic advocacy group in Florida invited a neo-Nazi to speak at one of their meetings. The man in question is the head of a group called Christians and Muslims for Peace. Somehow I don't think they are advocates of peace at all.

This is a particularly worrying trend and while the links between Nazis and Islamists might not seem to make much sense, remember that in World War 2 there were several units formed which comprised of Muslims and which served alongside Hitler's troops.

Amongst these Muslim units were the Free Arab Legion, volunteers from Turkestan in various units, and the Bosnian Muslim Handschar Division. It might seem astonishing that the Nazis with their mantra of racial purity would form these units but this quote from is quite telling-

"The reasons for the recruitment in particular of Croatian Muslims by the SS were many-fold. For one, Himmler was fascinated by the Islamic faith, and thought Muslims to be fearless soldiers. Himmler also subscribed to the propaganda theory that Croatians (and therefore the Croatian Muslims) were not, in fact, Slavic people, but actually of Aryan (Gothic) descent, and thereby acceptable to the racially "pure" SS. The fact that this ludicrous theory would not hold up to any kind of serious scrutiny was conveniently ignored. Finally, the Germans were hoping to rally the World's 350 million Muslims to their side, in a struggle against the British Empire. The creation of a Muslim, albeit European Muslim Division, was considered a stepping stone to this greater end."

Dreams of Nazi world domination probably fit in quite well with the goal of a worldwide Caliphate.

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