Saturday, April 02, 2005

Survival Fiction

I came across this thread at the High Road and decided to check out the work in question- it's a piece of survival fiction called Lights Out and it can be downloaded in pdf form here. I'm just about finished reading the first section (chapters 1-10) and it makes for a pretty good read. It's not the greatest piece of literature I've read but it is something of a page turner- I downloaded it yesterday and I'm something like 62 pages in so far, and I want to read more. Partly it's fascination with what's going to happen but it's also well enough written that it's easy to get into and to stay interested in.

I'd recommend giving it a go.


Head said...

Survival fiction is very curious stuff. Some is really well conceived and well executed, some lacks one or the other, some is crap. Lights Out was pretty good. Also try "Pax Americana", it was publish on Frugalsquirrels forum a few years ago, I don't think it ever got really completed, but the 60 or so chapters were broad in scope and very well written. As far as survival fiction goes...

Good post, and a reminder of some fiction that is certainly not a waster to read.

Jay.Mac said...

I'll have a look for Pax Americana- also been meaning to read James Wesley Rawles Patriots. One of those things I've had in my Amazon shopping basket for a long time but never got round to buying. You ever come across it?
Writing this puts me in mind of those old Jerry Ahern Survivalist novels- they were a fun, easy read

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the sparkling review of Lights Out. I am glad to see that it is entertaining, even across the pond. I hope to have it finished this summer, and then start pursuing a publisher. I know getting it published is a long shot, but I am hopeful. Thanks again for recommending it to your readers.


Jay.Mac said...


It's a great read and you should be proud of it- my only complaint is that it ended when it did! Can't wait to see how the rest of the story pans out. I for one would certainly buy it- good luck getting a publisher.