Friday, April 29, 2005

Schoolkid Sex Tape

I'm thirty two but it seems like things in schools are changing at light speed; life certainly wasn't like this- not even remotely- when I was at school. A group of schoolkids has made a sex tape, four girls and one boy, ages twelve to seventeen. They were found out when one of the girls tried to show the tape to her younger brother. Why she would want to do that is beyond me.

As if that wasn't bad enough the girls were apparently not upset when the tape was shown to their parents by police- they were "carefree" as if it were a commonplace occurrence, claiming that this is what's going on in schools. As a father of two young girls- who will not be in high school for another ten years, this is pretty damn terrifying. If this is the kind of thing teenagers are getting up to now- and I'm hoping that it really isn't that common- then what's it going to be like a decade down the road?

Comparing my high school days (I finished in 1991) to those of people from about five years ago, my school-life starts to seem like something from an idyllic fifties movie; times really were more innocent back then. It doesn't bear thinking about what it's going to be like in years to come.

Something else for me to worry about for my girls.

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