Saturday, April 22, 2006

101 "Must See" Films

Another movie list- this time Roger Ebert's 101 Movies You Must See. They're not supposed to be the best movies, or the most important, or anything like that- just the films you should have seen to be fully "movie literate".

No Dracula?

Of the 101 films a quick count shows that only nine of them are post-1980. Of these few we have The Crying Game and Do The Right Thing. Those are two of the "must see films" of the past few decades. Please.

No The Usual Suspects, no Raiders of the Lost Ark, no Lord of the Rings, no Das Boot, no Aliens, not one of the hugely influential CGI animated films of recent years?

Perhaps it's just that my taste doesn't run to Ebert's (there are a lot of early and European films) but it seems to me that a much more representative list of must see films can be found on IMDB and its top 250 movies as voted for by users. There tends to be a bit of bias towards newer films there, but it still seems to a better sampling of cinema than Ebert's selection.

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