Monday, April 03, 2006

Theocracy Alert

In Indonesia a group of Islamic fundamentalists are attmpting to pass an indency bill-

SUNBATHING tourists in Bali and barely clad tribesmen in Papua are caught up in a cultural war between a minority of puritanical Indonesian Muslims and the country’s tolerant majority.

The battle appears to be frivolous, involving, as it does, learned arguments over whether a navel is indecent, or a penis gourd, which guards the modesty of the Papuan male, constitutes nudity.

The draft bill would extend a ban on indecency to prohibit kissing in public, which would be punishable by five years in prison
. Public nudity or the “indecent” exposure of the stomach, thigh or hip — some religious jurists argue that shoulders could also be deemed inflammatory — could be punished by a 10-year sentence and a £30,000 fine.

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