Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Drug Money For Terrorism

Let's hope that this is a major headache for the terrorists- Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau has closed down a channel which has funnelled $3 billion dollars to Hamas, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, through one of New York's largest banks. The money for these Islamists and their so-called holy war came from the illegal earnings of drug deals and other crimes.

Morgenthau's new case is the latest shocking disclosure of how terrorist groups, rogue states and drug lords are exploiting continuing weaknesses in the American financial system - and how billions of dollars in dirty money continues to flow through unsuspecting banks in New York, the epicenter of the global dollar trade.

Over a two-year period, the $3 billion was sent to the New York bank account by a shadowy money-transmittal company in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The money then flowed into bank accounts in the Middle East locations including Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, Lebanon, and Ramallah in the Palestinian territories.

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