Monday, April 17, 2006

Kettlebell Routine

My light kettlebell training continues. It's been about a week since I've even picked up my 32kg girya- I'm having way too much fun working out with the 16kg. I've stopped keeping track of the number of reps I do and am instead doing 30 minute sessions. I only do one handed swings, clean and jerk, military press and the snatch.

My aim has been to increase my endurance- and it seems to be working. In the space of a week my need for rest between exercises has rapidly decreased. I'm also aiming to do more of each exercise (switching between hands without pause) without stopping. Those numbers have also gone up.

I try to focus the emphasis in each workout on a different exercise but I'm basically going by feel rather than any definite plan- it's a joy to train like this.

The other benefit of these sessions is that I don't need to do any cardio work at all- this
strength endurance training takes care of that. And that's the magic of the kettlebell; it does it all, in one small package.

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