Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sheehan on 9/11

Not much time to blog lately but I couldn't let this pass- Gateway Pundit has an extensive post to refute wild claims by Cindy Sheehan about the treatment her son received when his body was returned to the US.

Sheehan goes on to claim

"There are many people whom the Bush regime has killed, either directly or indirectly, by their murderous policies: there are people buried under rubble of Iraq and who were buried under the rubble of the World Trade Towers, and if their families were lucky they could find small parts to bury, before their remains were carted away in the enormous trucks and barges."

So, in Sheehan's world Al Qaeda isn't to be held responsible for their planned, deliberate murder of nearly 3,000 people- it's all Bush's fault.

Words fail me. I shouldn't be surprised though- she does, afterall, call the people who killed her son "freedom fighters".

Now go and read Kevin's piece RCOB-

Ms. Burleigh and I have worldviews so divergent that we might as well be of different species. There is no common ground upon which we could even begin to attempt rapprochement. And what bothers me most of all is that I see the land that we both live in becoming more and more divided between people like her, and people like me.

There are days when it feels like the chasm between liberal and conservative is so vast that nothing can be donew to bridge it. This is one of those days.

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