Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fists of Fury

Liberty Zone posted the following exceptional story-

A man and his wife were leaving a bank. A man approached them and asked if they had a car. Thinking that perhaps he had pranged their car they said "yes" and indicated their vehicle. The man told them to hand over the keys or he'd kill them. Pushing his wife behind him the car-owner replied, "Give it a shot."

The would-be robber tried just that and ended up getting a resounding thrashing.

Almost enough to bring a tear of joy to the eye!

Well, I thought I'd try and match LZ-

A woman woke on her couch and found a man in her home with her and her one year old daughter. She'd seen him before, peeking into her kitchen window, and hanging around outside her home. Though she did not know it then, the man had done time for sexual assault (strange that all these guys seem to be out of prison). He approached her and touched her on the arm, asking if she wanted a drink. She screamed and ran for the front door. The intruder approached her and warned her not to call the cops.

The woman responded by punching him in the face five times and then, as he tried to flee out of the front door, she picked up a baseball bat there and gave him a smack on the back of the head, knocking him face first into a flowerpot. He ran off and was later arrested.


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Nicki said...

OMG!! Jay, saw that this morning and read it to my husband. We both had a great laugh! That woman has some serious cajones! Cheers!!