Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rice Visit

Condi Rice is over in the UK, visiting Jack Straw's constituency. During the visit she met with local Muslim leaders (although her planned trip to visit a mosque was cancelled).

She was heckled by protesters and faced criticism from Muslim leaders hand-selected to meet with her by the Foreign Office during a visit here, the hometown of Mr. Straw. He visited Ms. Rice's hometown in Alabama in October...

In a news conference, Ms. Rice said she was "enjoying this visit very much." She described the meeting with the Muslim leaders as "immensely stimulating and interesting."

Although the names of the 21 Muslim leaders had been made public, several of them requested that their names not be published or broadcast, for fear of repercussions. Five who agreed to be interviewed clearly feared they might be viewed as traitors.

Isn't this the religion of peace we're talking about? What are these guys, some sort of Islamophobes?

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FrauBudgie said...

"Stimulating and interesting" ... ?

How about "instructive and enlightening" ... !!!