Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mitch Byrd

I've only recently "discovered" the work of Mitch Byrd but I've taken an instant liking to it. Not only does he have a talent for very precise, technical looking work but he also has a superb imagination. Some of his alien creatures look totally bizarre but realistic nonetheless. You can see some galleries of his work online- here and here. WARNING- some of his material depicts the human form devoid of clothing so it's most likely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Byrd also has a "webcomic", updated every Wednesday. At the moment a "lost world" story is running but it's well worth checking out the previous entries; the first tale, Sign Post On The Left, is about dinosaurs on the lose in the modern world and it's followed by the excellent Dinosaur Theories. This is a joy- and not just because of the lovely artwork; Byrd also has some ideas on the fins of Dimetrodon and Spinosaurus. I hoe very much that he has a follow up on this topic.

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