Sunday, July 23, 2006

.45 Colt

MadOgre has posted a few pieces on his idea for a new shooting sport- essentially Cowboy Action without the fancy dress. It's certainly an appealing concept- although I can see the appeal for the CAS guys and gals who go the whole hog. In any event one of the commenters at his site offered some criticism of the .45 (Long) Colt for defensive shooting. That old round might not be new-fangled and "tactical" but it's ceretainly a manstopper. Recently Box O' Truth tested some cowboy guns and the .45 Colt performed admirably. A 250-grain flat point round nose at 900fps easily met the 12" goblin penetration requirement; and it left a .45 sized hole to boot. A single action wouldn't be my first choice for a home defence gun but a double action .45 Colt wouldn't go amiss. Here's a perfect example of the .45 Colt- a Smith and Wesson Mountain Gun from Collectors.

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