Sunday, July 30, 2006


HotAir is reporting that the situation at Qana in Lebanon might not be as clear cut as the media is currently portraying it. The IDF attack took place sometime before 0100hrs while the building collapsed at 0800hrs. There is speculation that the collapse may have been caused by Hezbollah explosives stored there. Then there's the news that 150 rockets have been fired from Qana into Israel and the video which appears to show rockets being fired from possibly the same building.

I've been relying on the MSM all day for my news as I've been away from home; and the skin-deep coverage just doesn't compare to what can be found online- even at MSM sites. Surprisingly, the Sky News coverage is remarkably unbiased. As a Lebanese official was being interviewed tonight the anchor asked about when the Israelis kill civilians it is by accident and when Hezbollah do it, it is on purpose. The official ducked the question, insisting that the death toll was so large now that no comparisons could be made any more. Shame the reporter didn't think to ask what the official thought the death toll would be in Israel if Hezbollah had access to more modern and efficient weapons than the Katyusha.

CNN is now reporting that Israel is suspending air operations for 48hrs while they investigate what happened at Qana; and it is allowing UN officials to move into southern Lebanon to help evacuate civilians there. And Israel has also called the attack a "tragic mistake"; that may not be of any comfort to the families of the dead but it's more than the families of those killed by Hezbollah could ever expect to receive. Could you ever imagine Hezbollah doing the same thing? Oh, right- their intention is to deliberately target civilians. Shame that this seems to have been overlooked by all of those clamouring for Israel to stop fighting back.

Where were the peace activists all this time when Israel was being daily targeted by rocket attacks and suicide bombers? I don't remember any of them calling for the UN to stop the violence then, I don't recall any pressure for the Security Council to take action, no comments by world leaders agonising that something should be done to stop the killing. Bloody hypocrits.

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FrauBudgie said...

Great question about the peace activists. Guess they're getting their daily briefing from the Hezbollah PR wing ...