Sunday, July 23, 2006

Double Standards

Funny, I don't remember any mass protests of "hundreds of thousands" of people against Hamas and Hezbollah firing rockets indiscriminately at civilian targets in Israel.

The phrase "anti-semitism" springs to mind.

The great Red-Blue gulf in America is beginning to become apparent elsewhere in the world as the divide grows between those who would confront evil and those who prefer to appease it.

It's sad that in this day and age of so-called acceptance and tolerance that those on the Left who shout so loudly for anti-discrimination are the same people so so rabidly espouse the ideals of anti-semitism. They cannot dare condemn Islamic terrorists who have no qualms about deliberately murdering women and children time and again, who think nothing of indiscriminately bombing innocent people as they go about their daily business- yet when Jewish Israel dares to defend itself against terrorist attack, these are the people demanding "peace" and "ceasefire".

Where were they when the Islamic terrorists blew up Israelis who were out shopping or having a meal? Where were the mass protests against the abhorrent murder of eight months pregnant Tali Hatuel and her young daughters? Why then did they not rush to the streets en masse to demand that Hamas stop the terror? Where were they when nearly two hundred children were murdered by Islamic terrorists at Beslan? Where were they when hostages were having their heads sawed off on video camera to cries of "Allah Ackbar"?

I'm sick to death of the double standards- coming out to protest the actions of America and Israel while failing to condemn a single barbaric act committed in the name of Islam. If they really want peace then they have to be prepared to condemn all the violence- the fact that they do not, tells me that peace is not what they want at all.

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