Saturday, July 29, 2006

Beirut Situation

This is really strange- while the BBC and their ilk continue to repeat again and again that the Israelis are destroying Lebanon, the entire country seemingly reduced to rubble overnight, the facts seem to be somewhat different.

"Beirut largely unscathed as Israel targets Hezbollah strongholds".

Vital Perspective also states the following-

"Over the past 24 hours, more than 110 missiles fired by Hezbollah have landed in Israel, including one which landed in a hospital in Nahariya. The IDF carried out over 60 aerial attacks in the same time frame against Hezbollah structures, posts and headquarters, including some used for storage of weaponry, a number of rocket launchers, including a launcher that was used to launch rockets at Afula, trucks and containers that carried weaponry, several Hezbollah weapon storage facilities, several rocket launching sites in southern Lebanon and routes used by Hezbollah to reach these sites. During the day, the IDF also continued firing artillery into southern Lebanon, targeting terror infrastructure in southern Lebanon along the border."

So what exactly is so disproportionate about Israel's response?

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