Friday, July 21, 2006

Business Cards and FTP

War on Guns has a post up about private businesses being advised to prohibit citizens from lawfully carrying concealed weapons on their person in Kansas. David responded by placing a Word document online to enable you to print out a card to give to such businesses; advising them exactly why you are taking your dollars to their competitors.

In a follow up post he provided a copy of the document to print your own cards out via Rapidshare- and he also asked if anyone could mirror the file for when the Rapidshare link expires. I decided to put a copy of the business card up in my own webspace. You can get the Word file here.

It's been a while since I did anything with that webspace and when I went to upload the file with Dreamweaver 4 (yeah, I'm old school) I discovered that the program refused to connect via FTP. All of the settings are exactly the same as the last time I used it so I'm at a loss to explain the failure to perform. In any case, I went looking for an ftp client; I'm happy enough doing what basic things I need to do with Dreamweaver and upload the site files with another program.

I was quickly able to find a neat Firefox extension called FireFTP, a client that opens up right in a Firefox tab. which is very handy indeed. Setting it up is as easy as pie and it's a pleasure to use on my old, slow PC. I'd definitely recommend it if you need a free FTP client. Oh, and it's only a 100kb to download too.

And don't forget about the business cards too. As David says, "Without meaning to reopen an old debate, gun owners should react to businesses that do this with their wallets. Profit margins are generally pretty slim, and if you let a business owner know you have chosen his competitor and are going to make a personal commitment to warn other gun owners, you'll probably see some behavior modification."

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AlanDP said...

Thanks for the FireFTP tip, that is really going to come in handy.