Monday, July 31, 2006

Trivial Foot Stamping

The world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier every day. Is it contagious?

Here in Northern Ireland, DIY chain B&Q has caused a storm in a teacup by issuing staff with new work uniforms displaying the Olympic Emblem containing the Union Jack- the chain is a sponsor of the British team. All staff have complete freedom of choice over whether they want to wear the new shirts or not.

What could be the cause of the fuss, I hear you cry? A British store sponsoring the British team and issuing staff in part of Britain with a shirt displaying the British flag. Where's the problem?

Well, a Sinn Fein Assembly member, a Ms Ruane, has complained to the chain, claiming that staff who chose not to wear the new uniform could be subject to "sectarian harassment" (as if no one in Northern Ireland can tell what part of the community the people they work with come from). She claimed that the company's decision displayed "ignorance". Right.

Ian Paisley Jr responded-

"I welcome the fact that B&Q are standing by their decision on this. I think it only reflects on Catriona Ruane. Coming up to our Olympics in London, this is the sort of thing which has to be welcomed and encouraged."

B&Q has issued a statement too, "they were proud to support and sponsor the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic team."

What's wrong that such a simple thing as the entirely voluntary supporting of the national team in the Olympics makes some people have a temper tantrum? If this is how people act over such a trivial matter, it's little wonder that the world's in the shape it is today.

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